Erectile Dysfunction

Regenerative Medicine for ED

At Wellness Architects, we offer procedures designed to repair, restore and regenerate damaged tissues in the body.

The ED procedure involves harvesting and injecting one’s own plasma or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) into the penile area. Plasma contains high doses of bioactive proteins called growth factors. These growth factors are responsible for naturally repairing and regenerating tissue with exosomes.

Exosomes are the messengers stem cells use to transport information between themselves and other types of cells. When millions of exosomes are administered and released into the body, the signal will travel and enrich the communication between cells, enhancing the body’s regenerative abilities and performance.

We also improve the outcome and efficacy of this procedure through our shock wave therapy service, Promise ®. You may ask one of our experts about this service and how many sessions are recommended.

This procedure may be combined with the following services:

Important: it should be noted that an exosome is not a cell. It has no nucleus and cannot divide. It is a cellular byproduct known as an extracellular vesicle. They also increase the possibilities of tissue regeneration. This type of penile shot is very effective in aiding in healing the “trauma” site (penis) with growth factors. Results may vary by patient. Sometimes certain patients have needed several treatments to observe significant changes.