Men’s Sexual Health

First, we must clarify that our body works as an interconnection system and that a sexual health problem does not imply that it has causes and solutions exclusive to the reproductive system. Sexual arousal, for example, is a process that involves many physical and psychological aspects such as the brain, hormones, emotions, muscles, blood vessels, and the heart drive. Therefore, when suffering from erectile dysfunction, all aspects must be analyzed, because just as it could be a hormonal symptom, it could also be our mental health that is sending warning signals.

Good Sexual Energy



Erectile Dysfunction

The ED can be reflected at different levels:


Phases Of Sexual Response Cycle & Associated Sexual Dysfunction

DesireReflects a person’s motivation, drives, and personality, characterized by sexual fantasies and desire to have sexHypoactive sexual desire disorder; sexual aversion disorder
ExcitementSubjective sense of sexual pleasure and accompanying physiological responses (sexual flush, erection by vasocongestion, tightening and lifting of scrotal sac, increased size of testes)Male erectile disorder; dyspareunia
OrgasmThe peak of sexual pleasure, the release of sexual tension, and rhythmic contraction of the perineal! muscles and pelvic reproductive organsOrgasmic disorder; premature ejaculation
ResolutionA sense of general relaxation, well-being, and muscle relaxationPost-coital dysphoria; Postcoital headache

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Drugs Available In The Market For Best Perform

Patients with ED conditions can be used:

The doctor will evaluate every patient as one to see the alternatives available, but not everyone is a candidate for that ones.

Patients with ED conditions can be used:

At Wellness Architects, we use laboratory tests to identify and determine if you suffer from any of these diseases and, if so, create the ideal plan for you.